DSCN4080 (Medium)Pierrot Sings

Pierrot Sings is an innovative and visually beautiful one-woman show with a lifesize puppet and a stunning selection of songs ranging from Noel Coward to Vaughan Williams. It is a captivating musical theatre production that draws the audience into the uncertain, crumbling world of Pierrot’s love for Columbine, where melancholy sits side by side with comedy and where hope is the thread that unites us in our humanity, our vulnerability and our desire to be loved. The performance uses a unique blend of song, commedia and puppetry in a series of narratives about the loneliness of unrequited love and the comforts derived from travel and nature.

Gillian’s unique work in theatricalising the song recital stems from years of research and practice informed by her ongoing work as senior lecturer in performing arts in higher education. Pierrot’s Songs has been performed at the Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester, Horse and Bamboo Theatre and at Waterford Hospital as part of the Healing Arts programme.


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