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Joy and Moan recital, 17 November 2017


Tickets available from Chapel Arts 01242 580077


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Three Gardens

‘Three Gardens’ is inspired by William Blake and celebrates the gardens of the three main campuses of the University of Gloucestershire. Devised by the Company and directed by Gillian Yates. ENTRY FREE

Performance times:

Wednesday 9th May at 3pm Oxstalls campus,

Thursday 10th May at 2pm FCH campus in Inner Quad,

Friday 11th May 2pm at The Park by the Lake.

Gillian Yates joined the Performing Arts staff of Gloucestershire University last year after working for ten years as Senior lecturer at Chester University. As a performer and director herself, she wanted to draw attention to the wonderful gardens and space here at the University of Gloucestershire. She has been training the students to be ‘attentive’ so that they can more fully embody their actions of movement and singing and engage with the poetry of Blake and with the surroundings of the gardens. What they¬† have produced is a beautiful, funny, thoughtful outdoor performance of movement and voice.

Carole Wrightson from the University Library will be playing the viola during the performance. Live music helps to root the performance in the present so we can all enjoy the ‘nowness’ of the gardens whilst hoping it doesn’t rain!

These performances are not long (about 40′)and give staff and students the opportunity to appreciate the outdor space of the university which we can forget about when we are continually indoors in our teaching spaces.

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Dances with Statues

Dances with Statues at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool: a collaboration with Sarah Spies, Caroline Backhouse and Hellen Smith.

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